Jails and prisons both share the characteristic of being correctional incarceration facilities. However, the purpose and intent of these types of facilities differs.

In your initial response, compare and contrast jails vs. prisons. As part of your comparison discuss the purpose and intent of each type of facility. Consider the type of inmate that is housed in each facility as part of your evaluation of these correctional facilities.

In your response posts to classmates, evaluate the comparison of jails and prisons provided by the classmate. If you agree, elaborate on the points made by the classmate and provide additional information that identifies other similarities and/or differences in these types of correctional incarceration facilities. If you disagree with evaluation provided by the classmate, respectfully point out the areas where you believe their evaluation is not correct, being sure to defend your alternate viewpoint.

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Initial posts must be a minimum of 500 words not counting the repeating of the question or reference list, and incorporate material from at least two (2) cited sources.

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