As you may have heard, there were two deadly crashes of the same Boeing model 737 Max jetliner in just five months, the last of which was in March 2019. With the help of the articles linked below, you are to undertake a Stakeholder Analysis of the situation that responds to this question: What should Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg and his top management team do in the aftermath of these crashes, given the critiques raised and the recent findings in the media?

To do so a, please address (in at least 7 pages) the following questions:  1) Who are the Boeing’s 5 most important stakeholders (explain why you included these and excluded others) in this layoff situation, and what are their stakes?  2) What attributes (power, legitimacy, urgency) do these various stakeholders hold in this situation? How might relationships among the various stakeholders affect these attributes?  3) What economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic responsibilities does Boeing/Muilenburg have to these various stakeholders in this situation, and why? 4) What specific actions (involve, collaborate, monitor or defend) should Boeing take with each stakeholder? Be specific, and fully explain how the action you recommend for each stakeholder will help to provide some resolution to the situation.

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