Asssingment 3

You have recently been hired as the manager of a new family practice which is comprised of a  three doctor partnership.  Their partnership was formed by pooling some patents from each doctor, but they want to grow the practice as quickly as possible.The collective goals of the physicians are to:provide good patient communications,keep wait time to a minimum,develop good relationships with each other’s patientsensure that patients feel they get the same quality care regardless of which physician they see during a visit.You suggest using a patient survey to the physicians.  Write a two-page essay to the physicians explaining the following:What is the purpose of a patient survey?What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a patient survey?Provide at least six (6) survey questions to explore patients concerns of working with three doctors verses one. Defend why each survey question should be included in the patient survey and how each question will help them accomplish their goals.What can these partners do to ensure patient satisfaction no matter who they see at each office visit?Note:  You can use the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP): Family Practice Management, web resources in the course at: one of your sources. (This site has many journal articles which can be download for free).  If you are using the AAFP resource or any other sources, remember to provide your bibliography of sources at the end of your essay.

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