Assignment for CO Case Business

Case Description (Non Profit organization- Jackson Health System)

For this project, you will prepare a business case in support of a set of recommendations for improving organizational performance. A business case is a justification for pursuing a project, program, or improvement. To begin your business case, choose a government or nonprofit organization with which you are familiar ( Next, analyze the organization’s processes and value chain to identify an area for improvement. For your analysis, use the methods you have learned in this course. Use the results of your analysis to identify an area where organizational performance can be improved.

Once you have identified an opportunity for improvement (suggestion for area of improvement is the billing and collections processes), you are ready to begin writing your business case.  Using the template provided in the document below, prepare Sections 2 and 3 of your business case. Follow the instructions in the template to complete each section. 

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(Information Systems Today: Managing in the Digital World (8th Edition) Joe Valacich and Christopher Schneider

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