300 words Due Thursday July 14, 2022

300 words Due Thursday July 14, 2022The purpose of this assignment is to engage in critical analysis of a topic(s) from this current learning module, and to then interact with your peers to enhance further learning. Using your course textbook, please do the following:As discussed in Ch. 3, when clinicians blend their professional relationship with another kind of relationship with a client, ethical concerns must be considered. The author discusses how some ethical codes specifically advise against forming multiple relationships because of the potential for harm. Please name the three reasons listed in the textbook for avoiding multiple relationships and share your reflections about why a therapist would want to avoid those.Explain how you imagine that those issues could hinder therapeutic progress.Lastly, what are some ways to minimize the risk of harm due to multiple relationships according to the textbook?Initial post should be at least 300 words.

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